Get the taste of local traditional MSG-free steamboat at Steamboat Cheery!


“Soup was light and not oily”

“Fishballs handmade and bouncy”

Mini Steamboat @ Kallang Bahru

 “top notch pork soup base with no MSG”

 “all the ingredients are fresh”

 “good variety along with great value!”

Where to Eat in Singapore ?

“clean and comfortable premises in a charming old neighbourhood”

“will make you and your family stay around and linger to enjoy the food!”

“more than 60 varieties of fresh ingredients to choose from”

“broth specially made from lean pork, no MSG”

Xin Min Paper

My family and I love steamboat dinners – the sharing of food, the fresh ingredients, and most of all the soup that is so rich after all the ingredients have gone into it!

We have tried so many places, emptied the pot drinking all the soup, and frequently when we go home, we regret it- you just get so thirsty!  Just don’t know what people put in the soup.

It didn’t happen in Steamboat Cheery – proof that it is MSG free!  The soup is fantastic with all the superfresh ingredients they have!

KH Tan & Family, Oct 2015

What sets Steamboat Cheery apart

What sets Steamboat Cheery apart is our special traditional broth with its natural sweetness and wholesome goodness.

Made with large quantity of pure fresh lean pork broiled for hours, the Steamboat Cheery broth requires no MSG and none is added.

You will find our steamboat a healthy option, the broth is light and not oily.

The Steamboat Cheery steamboat is reminiscent of the traditional homemade steamboat that you will often have during Chinese New Year reunion dinner.

MooKaTa BBQ Steamboat

Mookata BBQ Steamboat is a very popular steamboat concept that comes from our Asean neighbour Thailand.  In Thai, “Moo” means “pork” and “kata”, “Barbeque”.  Mookata is a dual experience where you have both a barbeque grill as well as a steamboat to cook your food.

In recent years, Mookata has become very popular in Singapore.  With our wealth of experience in steamboats, Steamboat Cheery has responded to our customers’ wishes and now also offer our own Mookata BBQ Steamboat with our secretly formulated Thai hot pot sauce.  This soulful and tasty hot pot, together with our uniquely marinated fresh pork, will whet your appetite like never before!

Try our Mookata BBQ Steamboat today, you’ll find that you won’t be able to stop after the first mouthful!

Our Mookata BBQ Steamboat starts at $29.90 a set which will serve 2-3 persons.  Additional ingredients are available on the menu for large appetites!

The Steamboat Cheery Mini Steamboat

You can enjoy a piping hot steamboat meal even if you’re dining by yourself with the special Steamboat Cheery mini steamboat set.

For an unbeatable price, you get a good variety of ingredients. Choose from Chicken Set ($6), Pork Set ($6) or Seafood Set ($7).

Each set comes with our handmade chewy fishballs & assortment of fresh vegetables.

You can even get pork belly with just the mini steamboat pork set.

What’s more, even if you are dining as a group, with the mini steamboat everyone can also have their own personal pot to relish.

There are value steamboat sets for bigger groups available too.

Our ingredients are freshly sourced daily from the market, we make our own fishballs as well. We also offer premium ingredients like white pomfret fish, squid, live prawns, abalone, pork ribs & pork belly.

Steamboat Cheery Sauce Counter

What’s more, you still get to mix up your own sauce to go with your steamboat at our unique sauce counter, probably the only one located in a coffeeshop.

Choose from varied sauces & condiments, you decide how fiery or savoury you want your sauce to be.

If you prefer, our staff will be happy to make you a sauce to compliment your meal too.

Where we are

We’re located conveniently at Blk 63 Kallang Bahru in a bright and cheerily renovated coffeeshop.

It’s a simple & relaxing dining environment in a quaint neighbourhood.

Our total seating capacity is 200 and we have tables for as many as 10 people- so large groups are OK!

A great option for a get-together with friends, a celebration or simply a delicious meal of great value.

Come enjoy


A healthier






Homely steamboat


At Steamboat Cheery



Top 3 Reasons to Eat at Steamboat Cheery



No added MSG. Our soup broth is made of pure lean pork



Freshest ingredients sourced daily from the market



Comfortable and cool ambience


By Car:

Parking is HDB electronic parking at 50cts / hour.  Parking is FREE on Sunday and Public Holidays!

By Public Transport:

Buses stopping at the Blk 66 bus stop: 26, 61, 107/107M, 175, 853/853C

Buses stopping at the Blk 68 bus stop: 26, 61, 107/107M, 853/853M

Nearest MRT is Boon Keng MRT (NE9), walk 15mins from MRT exit A.

Kallang MRT (EW10), take bus 61, 107, 175 at #B01311 for 4 bus stops (#B60031).